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Ultimate Beneficial Ownership UAE

In the dynamic landscape of the UAE business environment, staying abreast of regulatory changes is paramount for corporate entities. The introduction of Cabinet Resolution 58 on 28 August 2020 marks a significant stride towards enhancing corporate transparency through the regulation of Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) Procedures. Bespoke Strategy Solutions emerges as your strategic ally in navigating the intricate terrain of UBO requirements in the UAE.

Understanding Cabinet Resolution 58: A Paradigm Shift in Corporate Transparency

The issuance of Cabinet Resolution 58 supersedes its predecessor, Cabinet Resolution 34. This pivotal resolution aims to regulate UBO Procedures comprehensively, covering both new and existing companies across the UAE mainland and free zones (with specific exceptions). At the core of this resolution lies the mandatory preparation and maintenance of an Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) register, accompanied by supporting documents.

Key Components of UBO Requirements:

Register Maintenance:
Entities are obligated to maintain an accurate UBO register and ensure its availability at their office at all times. This register serves as a transparent documentation of the individuals or entities that ultimately benefit from the actions of a legal entity.

Filing and Notification:
In addition to maintaining the register, entities are required to file it with the relevant authorities. Any modifications to the register must be promptly communicated to the authorities. This proactive approach facilitates a real-time understanding of the ownership structure, reducing the risk of financial and economic crimes.

Mitigating Financial Frauds:
The primary objective of UBO regulations is to curb the potential for monetary fraud at a corporate level. Unregulated entities pose a risk of involvement in financial crimes detrimental to a country’s business environment. UBO regulations act as a preemptive measure, ensuring organisations identify the ultimate beneficiaries of their actions.

Why Bespoke Strategy Solutions?

Timely Compliance:
With the legal landscape evolving, Bespoke Strategy Solutions assists companies in ensuring timely compliance with UBO regulations. Our proactive approach ensures that businesses stay ahead of regulatory changes, fostering a culture of transparency and accountability.

In-Depth Understanding:
We offer an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of Resolution 58 and the associated filing processes. Our team of experts guides businesses through the nuances, ensuring a clear comprehension of UBO requirements.

Strategic Partnership:
Bespoke Strategy Solutions is more than a service provider; we are your strategic partner in navigating the regulatory landscape. Our commitment to your success extends beyond compliance, aligning with your long-term business objectives.

In a business environment shaped by evolving regulations, Bespoke Strategy Solutions empowers your business journey by facilitating seamless compliance with UBO regulations. Embrace transparency, mitigate risks, and foster a resilient corporate structure with our dedicated services. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards regulatory excellence and corporate transparency in the UAE.

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