Doing business or pursuing personal goals internationally often requires navigating a complex web of document requirements. Attestation and legalization services streamline this process, ensuring your documents are recognized and accepted in foreign jurisdictions.

At Bespoke Strategy Solutions, we understand the importance of seamless document processing. We offer comprehensive attestation and legalization services, empowering individuals and businesses to confidently operate internationally. Attestation and legalization involve authenticating and certifying documents, ensuring their validity and origin.

These services are crucial for various international activities, including

  • International Trade: Secure import/export approvals by attesting and legalising your commercial documents.
  • Immigration Processes: Facilitate visa applications by ensuring your educational, birth, and marriage certificates are recognized in the target country.
  • Overseas Investments: Protect your investments by having ownership documents and legal contracts attested and legalized.
  • Further Education: Gain admission to international universities quickly by having your academic transcripts and diplomas officially recognized.

The first step often involves notary public services. Our notaries verify the authenticity of your documents, including signatures and content. We then guide you through the subsequent attestation and legalization steps, ensuring your documents are recognized by the target country.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of attestation and legalization services covering various document types

  • Educational Certificates (Diplomas, Transcripts)
  • Personal Documents (Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Adoption Certificates)
  • Commercial Documents (Invoices, Contracts, Certificates of Origin)
  • Legal Documents (Court Orders, Power of Attorney)
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