Who is the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO)?

The UBO, as defined by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), is the real person (not a company) who ultimately owns or controls a company. They make key decisions, benefit from its profits, and have the final say in transactions.

Why is UBO Important?

Identifying UBOs is vital for businesses of all sizes, especially those operating internationally.  

Bespoke Strategy Solutions: Your UBO Partner

Our team of UBO specialists streamlines the process for you.

  • Corporate Structure Analysis & UBO Identification: We analyze your company structure to identify the ultimate beneficiary owner(s).
  • Filing with Authorities: We ensure your UBO information is properly filed with the relevant UAE authorities.
  • Recordkeeping & Maintenance: We manage your UBO records, including partners, shareholders, and directors, under UAE regulations.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: We keep your UBO data up to date, notifying authorities of any changes.
  • Clear Visualization: Our system presents UBO information in a user-friendly format, allowing you to easily connect the dots within complex structures and expedite due diligence.
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