Bespoke Strategy Solutions has partnered with experienced audit service providers in the UAE who go beyond the checkbox mentality. We deliver accurate, value-added internal audit services for your organization.

In today's ever-changing world, a robust internal audit function is essential for achieving your strategic goals while managing risks effectively. We partner with you to realize your vision through a comprehensive internal audit program with real-time monitoring.

The internal audit process typically follows a four-stage approach. This is a general framework, and specific steps may vary depending on the organization and the type of audit being conducted.

Tailored Internal Audit Solutions

Our partners offer a range of internal audit services to fit your specific needs. We can collaborate with you through one of these flexible arrangements:

Internal Audit Outsourcing

Get a full-fledged internal audit function within your budget. Our managed service leverages our expertise, technology, analytics, and specialists, led by a dedicated team, to address diverse areas and risks within your organization.


For organizations with significant internal audit investment, co-sourcing offers an optimal model. We partner with you to provide resources tailored to your industry and internal audit (IA) needs. This co-sourced approach provides Chief Audit Executives access to cutting-edge technology, data solutions, industry benchmarks, and a comprehensive range of our capabilities, ensuring you have the support you need precisely when needed.

We offer a variety of service configurations to suit your specific requirements, all centered around a dedicated core team that acts as your central point of contact. Contact us today to know more about our services.

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