Mainland Company Setup

Mainland Company Setup in Dubai

Bespoke Strategy Solutions, your gateway to unparalleled business opportunities in Dubai through mainland company setup in Dubai. Setting up a mainland company in Dubai is a strategic and lucrative investment choice, appealing to both private individuals and corporate investors.

A mainland company, as defined by Bespoke Strategy Solutions, operates within commercialised geographic zones under Emirati jurisdiction. These companies fall into categories such as commercial, professional, and sole establishments, and are registered with the Dubai Economic Department (DED) under a Dubai Mainland License.

Why opt for a Dubai Mainland License with Bespoke Strategy Solutions? The advantages are numerous. Firstly, having a license for the Dubai mainland provides you with the utmost freedom and flexibility in expanding and operating your business. This is particularly valuable for businesses looking to establish a robust presence in the region.

Bespoke Strategy Solutions understands the evolving landscape of business in the UAE, and we guide you through the process, ensuring compliance with the modified laws and policies governing mainland businesses. Our expert team ensures that your mainland company setup aligns seamlessly with the regulatory framework, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient establishment process.

Investing in a mainland company setup in Dubai with Bespoke Strategy Solutions opens doors to a wide range of business activities, unrestricted geographical reach, and an environment conducive to growth. We specialise in tailoring solutions that suit your unique business needs, facilitating a successful and hassle-free establishment process.

What is a Mainland Company in Dubai?

The landscape of business in Dubai underwent a transformative shift with the implementation of the Commercial Companies Law in June 2021. Bespoke Strategy Solutions helps you navigate these changes, unlocking the potential for 100% foreign ownership in mainland Dubai. Prior to this groundbreaking move, foreign business owners were restricted to owning up to 49% of their company, with the remaining 51% held by an Emirati sponsor. Now, with the revised UAE company law, entrepreneurs establishing a company in Dubai no longer need an Emirati shareholder or agent. Partner with Bespoke Strategy Solutions to leverage these new opportunities and establish your mainland company in Dubai with unmatched flexibility and ownership rights.

Benefits of Mainland Company Setup in Dubai

  • Market Access: Mainland company setup in Dubai allows businesses to tap into the local market, access government contracts, and operate in various sectors.
  • No Currency Restrictions: Dubai has no currency restrictions, making it easier to transfer funds in and out of the country.
  • Strategic Location: Dubai’s strategic location offers easy access to both Middle Eastern and global markets, making it an ideal place for international trade.
  • 100% Repatriation of Profits: Mainland companies in Dubai enjoy the freedom to repatriate 100% of their profits.
  • Prestigious Address: A mainland business can operate from prestigious addresses in Dubai, enhancing its reputation and image.
Legal Requirements for Setting Up a Mainland Company
  • Choose a Business Activity: Select a business activity that aligns with the UAE’s National Classification of Economic Activities.
  • Choose a Legal Structure: Decide on the legal structure of your company, such as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), Sole Proprietorship, or Civil Company.
  • Trade Name and Initial Approval: Choose a unique trade name and obtain initial approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED).
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA): Draft a Memorandum of Association specifying the company’s objectives, shareholders, and share capital. This document needs to be notarized and submitted to the DED.
  • Office Space: Secure a physical office space that complies with DED regulations.
  • Licensing: Apply for the appropriate business license based on your chosen activity and obtain approvals from relevant government authorities.
  • Registration: Register your company with the DED and ensure compliance with all legal requirements.
Choose Bespoke Strategy Solutions for a strategic partnership that goes beyond company setup – we pave the way for your success in the vibrant business landscape of Dubai. Contact us today to embark on your journey of establishing a thriving mainland company in the heart of the UAE.
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